All about the Abortion Procedure

There are a lot of different reasons for which women could be thinking about an abortion procedure. In the majority of the cases such a procedure takes place during the day and there is no need for you to spend the night at the clinic or hospital. Naturally there are also some exceptions.

Before the abortion process

When you meet your doctor for the first time most probably you will be asked to talk about your situation. Your health care provider will offer you information about the different kinds of procedures and together you will decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Abortion ProcedureWhen it comes to the abortion process it is also important to talk about the risks and complications. In order to make sure that the chosen type of abortion is suitable, the doctor will take a look at your medical history. You will have a blood test to find out your blood group and to make sure that you don’t have anemia.

Before you move on to the abortion procedure another blood test will be performed to ensure that you don’t have any STIs and you might have to take antibiotics to avoid getting an infection after the procedure. There are some other things as well that you may need before the abortion can be performed.

In the majority of the cases, before the abortion process, the patients have an ultrasound scan so that there will be no doubt regarding the age of the fetus, vaginal examination, smear test and you will talk to your doctor about the contraception method suitable for you after the procedure. Also you will have to sign a consent.

Types of abortion procedure

Most probably you know that there are different kinds of abortion methods, and the one chosen depends on the stage of your pregnancy.

Early medical abortion

The main point of this kind of abortion process is to take two different medications in two days. The achieved effect is something like a natural miscarriage. After your first appointment with the doctor, you will have other two. On the first visit you will get mifepristone.

The purpose of the drug during the abortion procedure is to block the hormone that is supporting the formation of the uterine lining. After you take this medication you can go home and continue your normal activities. After two days you will have to attend another appointment to take another medication.

This time as part of the abortion process you will be given prostaglandin. After 4-6 hours the lining of the uterus will start shedding. This will be discharged through the vagina along with the fetus. Sometimes the process can be painful and in this case you should take some painkillers.

Vacuum aspiration and suction termination

This abortion procedure is suitable if you are 7-15 weeks pregnant. Just as the name suggests the fetus is removed from the uterus through gentle suction. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes and you will receive local anesthetic. For the procedure it is needed to widen the cervix.

In order for the abortion process to go as planned a pill may be placed into the vagina before the procedure to dilute and soften the cervix. There is a small tube connected to a pump that is inserted into the vagina. This will remove the fetus and the pregnancy tissue.

After an abortion procedure of this kind you are allowed to go home and resume your normal activities. Nonetheless you should expect to see some bleeding during the following two weeks. This is normal and you shouldn’t be alarmed.


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