Benefits of Flu Shots While Pregnant

A flu shot is a shot which is made from inactivated virus and is considered safe and beneficial to be given to a pregnant woman.  A flu shot is also often known as an Influenza shot and is recommended for pregnant women during the flu season. There are many benefits and positive effects of flu shot for a pregnant woman.  But one must also remember that if you are allergic to eggs then you must check with your doctor before receiving a flu shot because a flu vaccine contains little amounts of egg proteins.  The following given are some of the major benefits of flu shots while pregnant:

Benefits of Flu Shots While Pregnant

  • A flu shot that is given to a pregnant woman helps in the prevention of flu and also prevents many types of maternal complications. Pregnancy can put a lot of extra stress on the heart and the lungs. It can even also affect the immune system and these factors can raise the risk of becoming severely ill when the flu attacks.
  • A flu shot can also help to prevent potential pregnancy problems which can be caused due to the flu.  These problems are miscarriages, premature birth and low birth weight.  A flu shot thus ensures that these problems can be avoided and prevented.
  • A flu shot is also beneficial in protecting your baby after its birth.  Infants are at a very high risk of severe flu related symptoms and even the childhood flu vaccines can’t be given to an infant before 6 months. Thus if a pregnant woman is given a flu shot, the antibodies will pass through the placenta to help protect the baby from the flu.

Few Things to Remember:

  • One must always ask for a flu shot and not a nasal spray during pregnancy.
  • If you have a fever or are sick, then wait for its symptoms to go before getting the flu shot.
  • If you are highly allergic to the flu vaccine, then don’t get the flu shot.
  • Let you doctor know if you have any certain allergies and especially if you have an allergy called Guillain-Barre syndrome.  If this condition occurs within 6 weeks of getting the vaccine, the doctor will have to decide whether the benefit of the shot outweighs the risk of your situation.

Always consult an experienced doctor before getting a flu shot.


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