Know All About the C Section Procedure

The C section procedure refers to the procedure through which the mother gives birth to the child through an incision that has been made in the abdominal wall.

In some cases such a procedure could be planned in advance, but in other cases it may be an emergency step taken because of unforeseen complications.

C Section Procedure

Information about the caesarian section

Before the doctor starts the procedure you will receive anesthetics so that you won’t feel the pain. Then the specialist will make an incision vertically or horizontally through the wall of the uterus and of the abdomen. This is the incision that the baby will the removed through and so will be the placenta.

After the caesarian section is done the incision will be closed with the help of stitches or staples. The downside of the procedure is that you need some time for recovery and a lot of women are worried that they will have scars after the caesarian section. In case you have a healthy baby that is the smallest problem, right?

Before the C section procedure

Once the area has been numbed there will be a catheter inserted into your bladder to remove the urine from the bladder. Then the doctor will use a special kind of disinfectant to clean the lower abdomen and sterile sheets will be placed over the area. This way you will be safe from possible infections.

While you are having the caesarian section

To perform the procedure, the doctor will make an incision that is of about 6-8 inches wide, right over your uterus. As it has been mentioned before, the incision could be horizontal or vertical, and there are different factors that determine this decision such as the size and shape of the baby.

Some other factors taken into consideration in case of the C section procedure include the size of the uterus and also how quickly you need to deliver the child. In case you have a procedure of this kind before, most probably the incision will be made over the old scar. After the incision through the abdomen, there will another one which will be done over the wall of the uterus.

In the majority of the cases the caesarian section is done through a horizontal incision made to the lower side of the uterus. Then the baby is delivered though the incision. The doctor cuts the umbilical cord. Then the baby is taken by another specialist to be examined. The baby gets cleaned, dried and checked out.

After the C section procedure when the baby is handed to other doctors it is very important for him or her to be seen by a pediatrician because there are some birth defects that can be seen at such early stages, and in case it is needed, there could be some steps taken for the health of the little one.

Once the caesarian section is done

It is important to remove the placenta from the uterus after the baby is out of it. A lot of women receive medication that makes the uterus contract and this way the doctors can prevent heavy bleeding. The incision of the uterus is closed by the doctors.

After the C section procedure is over, the skin in the abdominal area will be closed with the help of stitches or staples. The good thing about them is that they will dissolve on their own and there is no need for a doctor to take them out.

Although a lot of women are afraid of the C section procedure, it’s not as bad as many of them think it is.


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