Confirm Your Pregnancy Through Pregnancy Blood Test!

Having symptoms of pregnancy and suspecting that you are pregnant?

So, confirm your pregnancy through pregnancy blood test.

Even you can confirm your pregnancy through other tests such as urine test and ultrasound test.

By performing pregnancy blood test, you can determine whether you are pregnant or not.

It also helps measure the growth of the fetus and detects abnormal conditions (if any) if you are pregnant.

The pregnancy blood test basically calculates the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG), which will be produced by placenta and emerges into your blood and urine within ten days of your conception.Pregnancy Blood Test

Pregnancy blood tests will provide most accurate results when performed after a missed menstrual period. If the result of the test is negative then repeat it after a week or two to confirm your pregnancy.

Remember that performing pregnancy blood test too early cannot detect pregnancy hormone and results in negative even if you are pregnant. Normally, the production of pregnancy hormone begins seven days after the fertilization takes place.

The most common pregnancy test is pregnancy urine test which can also be performed by you at home using a pregnancy test kit.

Pregnancy blood tests are of two types. One is qualitative pregnancy blood test and the other one is quantitative pregnancy blood test.

Qualitative pregnancy test is same as the urine test done by the pregnancy kit at home, which gives the results as either “yes or no.” It provides you whether hCG is present or not.

Quantitative pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG present in your blood, which will help to determine the age of fetus. It also helps to know the growth of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy blood tests are pricey and take long period for providing test results when compared to the urine tests. It is to be done in the presence of doctor whereas urine test can be done at home.

However, pregnancy blood tests have more advantages than urine tests. Pregnancy blood test can calculate the concentration of hCG hormone production in your blood, which the urine test cannot provide.

The pregnancy confirmation will be earlier than a urine test at a minimum of 7-12 days after fertilization.

For pregnancy test, the technician will draw blood from your vein after sterile preparation and application of tourniquet, which enlarges the vein that is targeted. A needle will be used to draw blood from your body.

The needle will be inserted into the vein to draw the blood into the syringe or vial. After taking blood, the fine needle will be removed and the site will be covered for safety.

Now, the blood sample will be sent to the laboratory to confirm the presence of hCG hormone in the blood.

The HCG hormone in your body increases if you are pregnant, and the pregnancy blood test results will be positive. The test results can be positive or negative. Positive result indicates that you are pregnant whereas negative result indicates that you are not pregnant.


  1. i had sex on 27th feb last menses came on 8 feb.i did an UPT on 18 mar but it is i am pregnant.plz give ur advice becoz i dont want to pregnant.can i take abortion pill.plz reply me fast.thanks.


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