Know All About the Fetal Doppler

In case you are interested in fetal Doppler you should know that at this moment ultrasound is considered to be the safest way to monitor the development of the baby.

There are still a lot of tests performed regarding ultrasound, but up to now there were no negative side effects found.

Information about the fetal Doppler

According to the official information, until this moment there were no adverse effects reported regarding the unborn baby or babies or the personnel performing the procedure. Although it isn’t impossible that in the future some effects will be found that will stop the use of ultrasounds, at the moment there is no proof that it would be harming in any way.

Fetal DopplerThe manufacturers of the machines performing the Doppler exam of the fetus say that they are trying to use machines that use only low ultrasound power.

This power cannot be adjusted with the help of the ulterior settings of the machine. This is something that is possible in case of the sonograph.

In order to make sure that the fetal Doppler is safe for both the mother and the baby you should try to listen to the heartbeats of the baby as little as possible and also avoid using the machine frequently.

Controversy regarding the Doppler exam of the fetus

Although the ultrasound is a very useful tool, since the 3D and 4D imaging has been introduced, the machines started being marketed for entertainment purposes which is just wrong.

Since the manufacturing companies are marketing their products to the masses, the fetal Doppler has become a way for the mother and people around her to bond with the unborn baby.

The majority of the hospitals are still using 2D imaging and so the companies have seen this as a new business opportunity. Now it is possible for the parents to have their own ultrasound machine at home.

At the moment the FDA is concerned by the Doppler exam of the fetus because in the majority of the cases there is no professional physician overseeing the ultrasounds and they are used by inexperienced and unqualified people. According to the FDA only professionals should be using machines of this kind.

Fetal Doppler and the sonograph

It is important to remember that there are some big differences between the ultrasound machines that you can buy and the sonograph. In the second case, the ultrasound is a lot higher than in case of the handheld machines. The Doppler monitor is regulated by the FDA and there is a limit regarding the emissions.

Although you may be concerned regarding the Doppler examination of the fetus, you should also know that the sonographs are also regulated lately by the FDA but in the last period there have been some changes performed regarding these regulations.

All in all remember, regarding the fetal Doppler, that the exam should be performed by professionals who really know what they are doing and you don’t need a handheld machine just for you and your family to have fun with it.


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