All You Wanted to Know About First Response Fertility Test

First Response is known as a company handling pregnancy tests and kits and they have come up with a new First Response fertility test. In this case, the test will focus on the FSH levels and give you information in case the levels are below normal since this is the hormone that is related to infertility.

Information about the fertility test from First Response

Developing such a test is a normal step for a company that has already been producing ovulation prediction tests and pregnancy tests. The idea seems to be very good, and some women might think that this way they won’t need to make appointments with their gynecologist since they are just a waste of time.

First Response Fertility TestWrong! Taking a fertility test from First Response doesn’t make up for a visit to the gynecologist. Even more, in case the results of the test are normal, you still can’t know for sure whether you are facing infertility or not.

First Response Fertility Test : Scientific background

The problems encountered regarding First Response fertility test are produced by the fact that FSH is only one of the hormones related to infertility. This means that the FSH levels could be normal, but you may have infertility caused by another factor, such as age.

Since the fertility test from First Response focuses solely on FSH, it doesn’t take into consideration some other factors that could induce infertility, such as endometriosis, PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes, some other causes of infertility, not to mention male infertility.

Fertility education

One of the most important features of the First Response fertility test is that it makes people aware that fertility isn’t a given thing, and there are a lot of couples that are struggling with infertility. The majority of people need more information regarding fertility, and maybe this will make more women see their gynecologist.


Although the fertility test from First Response might have some positive effects, there are some concerns that in case women get normal results, they may put off seeing a doctor thinking that everything is alright. Nonetheless the instructions say that the users should see a doctor even if they have normal results.

The packaging of the First Response fertility test may be somewhat misleading. Naturally there is a small asterisk and there is some fine printing regarding the false hope that the packaging gives, but the majority of the women don’t really read that the test works only based on the FSH levels, or they don’t really know what this means.

There are no financial advantages of taking the fertility test from First Response. As it has been mentioned, a normal result doesn’t mean that you won’t have to see a doctor, and your partner should do the same, to make sure that you don’t have to face male infertility.

Keep in mind that the First Response fertility test will not help you get pregnant; this isn’t the purpose for which it has been created. This is just a test that is meant to check for only one hormone level.


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