Reviewing the First Response Pregnancy Test

Most probably you have heard about the first response pregnancy test and you might be wondering whether it’s really as good as the manufacturers claim it to be. There are a lot of women who trust the brand and who rely on these tests to find out whether they are pregnant or not.

First Response Pregnancy Test

What the manufacturer says about the first response pregnancy kit?

The manufacturer claims that this test can tell whether you are pregnant or not faster than any other pregnancy test on the market. It claims that it can offer accurate results five days before your first missed period. This is because the test can detect really low levels of hCG.

What professionals have to say about the pregnant test with first response?

Just as the other tests, this one also works by detecting the hCG hormone levels of the urine or blood of women. According to the studies the test can detect the presence of the hormone even if the levels are as low as 6.3 mIU. The good thing about the test is that it is easy to use.

In order to use the pregnancy kit from first response all you have to do is to test your first morning urine. In laboratory settings the accuracy of the test is of 99% and in case of the samples collected by customers the accuracy is of 98.4%.

Why is the first response home kit different from all the others?

The biggest advantage of the home test is that it can offer accurate results even before your first missed period. Even more, you can have accurate results five days prior to your missed period, just as the manufacturer claims. The other kinds of tests offer you accurate results only after you had your first missed period.

What do the customers say

The women who have already used the test say that it is reasonably priced, not to mention that it is really accurate. Some of the women used the test at night and still they got a clear positive result. This is why they say that the early pregnancy test from fast response is reliable and that it is good value.

Another important thing to remember regarding the home kit from first response is that a lot of women used it several times before and they never had a false negative. This is why they recommend it to everybody. It is also good to know that if you don’t know how to use the test, you can find answers to your questions on the official website of the company.

If you are using the fast response early pregnancy test it is possible that at the first testing you will see only a faint pink line. As time goes by and your hCG levels get higher the pink line will become more and more visible.

Now you see why there are so many women using the first response early result pregnancy test.


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