Home Pregnancy Test To Confirm Your Pregnancy At Home! Is It Works?

Pregnancy refers to the process of carrying a live offspring from conception to childbirth.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, make use of a home pregnancy test kit for confirming your pregnancy.

It is not that home pregnancy test kit can only confirm pregnancy.

However, the symptoms can also confirm pregnancy, but the symptoms develop four to six weeks after your conception. Conception means fertilization of the ovum with the sperm.

The home pregnancy test is very easy to perform. It provides accurate as well as fast results. You can make use of the home pregnancy test kit immediately the day after your missed menstrual period.

Remember that all pregnancy tests are done to identify the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is produced by the pregnant woman after gestation (conception).Home Pregnancy Test

The kits for home pregnancy test are available at all drug stores. The kit may be in the form of strip or card. Velocit and Pregcolour are the most popular test kits for pregnancy confirmation. Check the expiry date on the kit before buying it. Remember that the kit can be used only once.

The key to have accurate results with test kit is to read and follow the instructions carefully, which comes with the kit. The instructions may include the purpose of the kit and the method of using it.

The home pregnancy test kit uses urine sample to help confirm your pregnancy. The test results are 99% accurate when used properly. Perform the test only with sample of first morning urine (FMU). Before using the kit, it is essential to wash your hands with hot water using soap.

The test kit should be stored in a cool place and used at room temperature only. Always remove the pack just before using. The result takes three to five minutes. Never look at the results after ten minutes.

For pregnancy test card, remove the card from the pack and place it on a flat surface. Now, take some sample of urine in dropper that comes along with the kit and put 2-3 drops of urine on the test window (provided).

The urine drops will pass towards the result window through blotting tissue, as it connects the test window with the result window. The blotting tissue contains a chemical for detecting the HCG.

Wait for a moment and observe the result window. If the result window displays one colored (red color) band on “c”, pregnancy result is negative. If it displays two colored bands parallel on “C” and “T”, the result is positive.

Positive result indicates that your pregnancy is confirmed. No bands on the result window indicate to perform the test again with a new kit.

On the other hand, for home pregnancy test using pregnancy strip, collect the urine sample in a container and immerse the strip in the urine sample for 3-5 seconds.

Now, remove the strip and put it flat. The results will be negative if it displays one colored band and positive if two-colored band appears.


  1. My girlfriend suspectedt that she is pregnant, and we went to a doctor. The doctor said it is two month pregnancy but i am not sure. When i got home, we use text strip, and the result is negative. What can i do?


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