What Is a Level 2 Ultrasound?

Having a level 2 ultrasound is an interesting experience for the future parents. During the ultrasound the baby is measured from top to the bottom of the spine, around the waist and around the head. In the same time the chambers of the heart can also be viewed, along with the stomach, kidneys, spine, brain, and sex organs.

Why to have an ultrasound of level 2?

The ultrasound of this kind is important to ensure that the baby is growing as he or she should. The organs’ survey makes sure that they have a normal development. The doctor performing the ultrasound also checks the levels of the amniotic fluid, the heart rate of the baby and the location of the placenta.

Level 2 UltrasoundThe entire second level ultrasound is something like watching a movie at the cinema. It could take 45 minutes to complete, and it depends on how cooperative the little one is. You can use this time to get familiar with the baby and usually this is the time when real bonding begins.

Who has a level 2 ultrasound?

The majority of the practitioners make sure that all the future mothers have an ultrasound of this kind during pregnancy. Naturally it is possible that the facility that you have your appointments at doesn’t have the necessary equipment. If this is the case you could go to another facility to have the ultrasound.

How is the ultrasound done?

In order to have the ultrasound anatomy scan you have to recline in an exam table and to have your belly exposed. Then the practitioner applies gel on your belly and starts moving the transducer around the belly. The transducer emits sounds that bounce off the structures in the belly, such as the baby’s face.

As the sounds bounce back, an image is created on the screen. In order to have a comprehensive assessment during the level 2 ultrasound, the sonographer will try to catch the baby from various angles. If there is a clear shot of the baby, the sonographer will freeze the image to a still frame.

This image is known as the sonogram. During the anatomy scan with ultrasound this image is used to measure the baby. The parents usually receive one or two sonograms. The rest will remain at your practitioner for review.

When is the level 2 ultrasound done?

Normally the ultrasounds of this kind are performed during the second trimester between weeks 18 and 22. If you have some kind of condition during your pregnancy or you have multiples most probably you will have more than one ultrasound of this kind to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally.


The good news about the ultrasound of second level is that there are no associated risks. However women shouldn’t be exposed to unnecessary ultrasounds. This is why women have only few ultrasounds during their pregnancy.

As you can see having a level 2 ultrasound could turn out to be something fun for you and your partner and something safe for the little one.


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