Making Limited Use Of Ultrasound Scans

A new report indicates that although ultrasound has existed for some time now for monitoring babies in pregnant women and no side effects have been noted such as childhood leukemia or other cancers, weight problems or dyslexia, experts still believe that exposure to ultrasound monitoring should be controlled.

If there are no apparent medical reasons for monitoring the baby, the ultrasound exposure should be limited to the essential analysis.ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scans during pregnancy are not indispensable; they may at times reassure mothers as to the health of their babies although not all abnormalities can be detected through scans. Sometimes scans can cause doubts, which actually lead to anxiety during pregnancy. [Pregnancy Ultrasound]

Scans can detect abnormalities such as spina bifida or can show slight variations in what are known as markers, which can either be a variation of normal rates or can be a sign of problems such as Down’s syndrome.

These readings are not always precise, and if there is any doubt, mothers must be referred to a Fetal Medicine Specialist, who will perform other tests to determine if the baby’s chromosomes numbers are normal.

Should your baby show signs of serious health problems, you will have to make some important decisions, as to whether to intend to continue your pregnancy or if you are prepared to look after a baby who will need individual care and attention. For more support you may refer to the charity Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC).


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