How Accurate Is an Online Pregnancy Test

If you would like to get pregnant most probably you will use some kind of online pregnancy test at some point. These tests ask about the questions that your OB would ask. These questions involve the length of the menstrual cycle, when you had your last menstrual period, the date of intercourse and you will get the probability of you being pregnant.

Information required for the internet pregnancy test

The most basic questions of these tests refer to the length that the menstrual cycle usually has, the date when your previous period began, and the date when you had unprotected intercourse. Some of the questions refer to the possible pregnancy symptoms that you experience.

Online Pregnancy TestThe symptoms taken into consideration in case of the pregnancy test online include vomiting, nausea, changes of appetite, strange feelings in the abdomen, fatigue and others. The tests are also interested in your stress level and the kind of contraception that you are using.

Revelations of the pregnancy tests over the internet

As a result of the test you will find out the odds of you being pregnant depending on your normal menstrual cycle. It is a known fact that women are fertile for about 24-48 hours two weeks before the start of their menstrual period. The computers calculate how close the intercourse was to your fertile window.

After you find out the results of the pregnancy tests online most probably you will be offered further information regarding ovulation, unprotected sex, conception, abortion options and home pregnancy test. These tests also consider the known adverse effects of the different birth control methods.

For instance, if your partner went through a vasectomy, the results of the online pregnancy tests will be that you have low chances of being pregnant. If you had unprotected intercourse in your fertile window, the results of the test will say that your chances of being pregnant are extremely high.

Accuracy of the online pregnancy test

In order to be absolutely sure of your pregnancy, you should have a blood test or a urine test. The online test can only tell you if the date when you had intercourse was when you were in your fertile window and whether there is a possibility for you to be pregnant.

A positive result

What should you do if the pregnancy test online says that you have high chances of being pregnant? The next step should be to use a home pregnancy kit. Although these tests claim that they offer an accurate result days before the following menstrual period, it is best to wait one week after your following period.

If the pregnancy tests online say that you are pregnant but the home pregnancy kit shows that you aren’t pregnant and you still experience the signs of pregnancy, you should wait a few days and then have the test again. Also you could have a blood test that offers an accurate result a lot sooner.

You shouldn’t believe blindly in the results of the online pregnancy tests.


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