Learn How to Use an Ovulation Kit

Usually women are trying to avoid getting pregnant, and when they try the opposite, they may find that it is more difficult that they would have thought. This is something that the ovulation kit could help you with, to know when you have your most fertile period. This is the time when you have the highest chances of getting pregnant.

How to use the kit for ovulation?

According to the kind of kit you get, you could collect the urine in a cup and place the kit in the cup, or you could also place the kit under the urine stream. As a result colored bands will appear on the kit for you to know whether you have elevated LH levels or not. The results are explained on the packaging.

Ovulation KitThe instructions of the kit for ovulation that you are using may be different from the other kits, but in the majority of the cases you should collect the urine between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

According to some tests, the best time to use the kit is between 2 and 2:30 p.m. It is better to collect the urine at the same time each day.

While some women think that they have to use the first urine in the morning, your ovulation kit doesn’t need this. Because of it you may not know about the first day of ovulation. A good idea may be to decrease the amount of water you drink for a couple of hours before taking the test so that the urine wouldn’t be diluted.

For the kit for ovulation to offer accurate results, you should read it about 10 minutes after having the test. The positive results don’t faint, but in case of the negative results a second color band could appear. Because of this you should throw the test away once you have read the results.

Saliva based ovulation kit

It is possible that these kits are easier to use. All there is for you to do is to place some saliva on the test by licking it or using your finger. You will have to use the kit for ovulation in the morning, even before you drink or eat anything. You shouldn’t use too much saliva and make sure that there are no air bubbles.

If you use such a kit for ovulation you have to allow the saliva to dry and after that analyze it under the microscope, just as the manufacturer instructed. You should be looking for ferning. Compare your results with the samples provided by the manufacturer.

No matter what kind of ovulation kit you use, you will find out when you have your fertile window. In the majority of the cases it starts on the length of the cycle decreased by 17 days. This means that in case you have cycles of 28 days, start on the 11th day, and go on testing for the following 6 days.

Important facts

You should know about the kit for ovulation that the results aren’t altered by paracetamol or other common medication but in case you are taking hormonal medication, you should call your doctor. The results can be affected in case the drugs contain LH or hCG hormones.

The ovulation kit that is based on urine is said to be 99% accurate and it is said to be the best kind of ovulation prediction that women could be using at home. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that they can’t offer you a false result.

You should make sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer of the ovulation kit that you are using for accurate results.


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