Paternity Testing Home Kits: How Do They Work?

Time was when they said that you always know who the mother is, but the fact of the father; well that was always open to conjecture.

Until now that is; with paternity testing becoming ever more common and with almost 100 percent accuracy, it is possible to state without doubt who the father of a baby is, and put an end to the speculation if any.

Paternity testing is now available in a home kit option which is not just a convenience, it can bring about life altering results and it also raises serious issues of informed consent and privacy.DNA

With the exception of some rare genetic[genetic testing] conditions such as Mosaicism and Chimerism, which can actually show false negative results in DNA based paternity tests, these tests are completely reliable and are even admissible in court as evidence.

What are the advantages of paternity testing home kits that you see advertised so often and which now grace the shelves of your neighborhood drug store? Well those are several:

  • The convenience of carrying out the swabs at home by yourself rather than having to set aside several hours for an appointment at testing clinic.
  • It’s private and affords you the kind of anonymity that regular testing centers may not be able to guarantee.
  • It is affordable and you have the answers that you seek within 3 working days.
  • So you can have the peace of mind or satisfy your curiosity as the case may be, with the convenient home option paternity kit.

This site offers you the home testing option for $89 and claims to offer 100% accurate results by virtue of their dual testing procedure. They claim to the lab that conducts more paternity tests than any other in the United States and therefore claims to offer an affordable rate.

The DNA sample collection kit offered contains “cotton-like swabs and envelopes” that can be used to mail samples back to the testing facility.

And how do you get the DNA sample of the person? By the simple expedient of rubbing the swab against the inside of the person’s cheek!

While home paternity kits are undoubtedly convenient and effective, one needs to pause for a moment and consider the probable far reaching consequences that a test such as this may have on the future. Unlike other tests, this one has the potential to be a life changing one!


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