Pre-Pregnancy Testing For Genetic Diseases

It could be a good idea for many couples to get tested for certain genetic diseases, that run in the family of the female as well as the male before they decide upon parenthood.

genetic diseasesThe idea is to identify and detect genes in the parents that could mean children born with certain genetic diseases. Children born with certain conditions, can greatly alter the family’s quality of life and parents would find it valuable to learn more about the chances of their children inheriting some of their genetic diseases.

A genetic test developed by Counsyl Inc, a Silicon Valley start up, is a simple, low cost offering for parents who want to know if they are carrying genes that are potentially likely to produce disorders or diseases in their children.

This test claims to offer more accessibility and affordability for something that is aimed at reducing and ultimately eliminating diseases of a hereditary nature.

If parents had the option of knowing what they are likely to pass on to their children, they may consider other options such as adoption, or in vitro fertilization.  Not only, this, the claim is that such screening or testing could also effectively reduce rates of infant mortality that results from genetic illnesses.


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