5 Pregnancy Tests to Ensure Wellbeing of Fetus

Parents-to-be are likely to want to do all that they can possibly do to ensure the good health and wellbeing of a fetus and ensure a healthy outcome for a pregnancy.

The 5 pregnancy tests that will help to ensure fetal wellbeing are-

Nuchal Translucency – This test is performed about the end of the first trimester i.e., when you are 11 weeks pregnant or 12 weeks pregnant to try and detect the possibility of the baby having Down’s syndrome.

pregnancy testsTriple Marker test – This is carried out sometime before the half way stage of a pregnancy at about 16 or 18 weeks gestation to check for a number of genetic or neurological problems that a child could suffer from.

Anomaly Scan – This scan is performed via ultra sound preferably 3 or 4 dimensional scanning at about 18 weeks into the pregnancy to check for fetal abnormalities

Color Doppler – This test is performed in the final stages of the pregnancy when the woman is nearing full term or at about 35 weeks of pregnancy, to ensure that the fetus is getting sufficient blood flow and hence nutrients for thriving within the womb.

Blood sugar – This is to be monitored throughout the pregnancy to rule out the potentially serious complication of gestational diabetes.


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