All About Equate Pregnancy Test

The Equate pregnancy test is offered by Wal-Mart and it is known to be a cheap test. This is why it is just perfect for the women who are on a tight budget and for those who want to test often. If you want to test only once or twice, this might not be the best choice for you.

Equate Pregnancy Test

How the pregnancy test from Equate works?

This test is just like the other tests that you can find on the market. It works by detecting the hCG levels of the urine. It consists of a plastic stick with an absorbent substance on one end. This end has to be held in urine. The results appear in two windows: a control window and the results window.

Consumer tests

The truth is that the consumer’s opinions vary regarding the Equate home pregnancy test. Since it has a low price, some of the consumers say that it is affordable and accurate. On the other hand there are also some consumers who say that they had a lot of false positives and sometimes the test doesn’t work at all.

It is good to know about the Equate pregnancy test that Wal-Mart has the possibility to change the manufacturers without having to change the name of the product. Because of this there is no way to tell whether the product you are buying now is the product that someone recommended you a while ago.

In 2003 there was a study comparing the accuracy of 18 tests. The home pregnancy test from Equate seemed to have the lowest ranks both regarding ease of reading and sensibility. However it is said that the results become more accurate if they are read towards the end of the waiting time.

Nonetheless you should know that seemingly Wal-Mart changed the manufacturer of Equate pregnancy test since the results of this study were published. This is why these findings may not apply to the tests that you can find on the market now.

Early testing

The manufacturers of the Equate test for pregnancy claim that the test can detect a pregnancy as soon as the beginning of a missed period. Naturally this is something that depends on the person performing the test. According to a study performed in 2004 this choice is not the best possible.

This study measured the accuracy of the tests on the beginning of a missed period. According to the findings Equate pregnancy test isn’t the most accurate at such early stages because it cannot detect very low levels of hCG.

We also have to add that the pregnancy test called Equate that you can find in Wal-Mart in our days may be of higher quality than the ones tested back in 2004 because since then it is possible that the company opted for another manufacturer.

As you can see Equate pregnancy test might not be the best solution. However in some cases this is the only option women with a low budget have because of its low price.


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