What Is the Best Early Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy is mostly characterized by different signs and symptoms. Most of these are common and many women can easily identify them. However, after experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, the only sure way to confirm whether you are pregnant or not is by having a pregnancy test.

The most popular way of testing for early pregnancy is by using home pregnancy kits. Many women often find it hard choosing the best early pregnancy test kit for their needs. This is because there are so many types from different companies to choose from. Effectiveness is what you should be looking for when choosing a pregnancy kit.

Best Early Pregnancy TestWhich one is the best early pregnancy kit?

One of the best early pregnancy test in the market today is the EPT pregnancy test. This is test basically tests the levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine. The EPT test is usually very sensitive to the hormone and produces very accurate results.

Pregnancy test instructions

The best recommended time to take a pregnancy test using the ETP is early in the morning. This should be done preferably the first time you urinate after waking up to increase the chances of getting accurate results. The next step is getting ready by taking the test stick out of the package and removing the purple cap. Colors may vary depending on the type of test you are using.

The stick usually comes with an identification of where to place your thumb. Hold the stick at the end opposite from the absorbent tip.

The next step is collecting your urine sample simply by dipping the tip of the best early pregnancy test kit into your urine. This can be done by placing the absorbent tip directly on your urine stream or catching your urine in clean container where you can dip the tip. Once you have done so, place the stick on a dry, flat surface and leave it for approximately two minutes.

After this you can check the results. Positive results show by a plus sign in the round result window while negative results show a minus sign meaning that you are not pregnant. If in doubt, you can repeat the process after a few days or a week to get more accurate results.

There are various reasons why the EPT pregnancy test is the best in the market. Other than producing accurate results, it can be used several times without damage. It is also recommended by doctors due to its ease of use. Practically speaking, the best early pregnancy test kit, the EPT is the only most effective and reliable pregnancy kit accessible to many women.

As far as detecting early motherhood is concerned, the best solution available is the home pregnancy kit. The pregnancy kits are easily available in your local pharmacies. Though more confirmatory results may be needed, the EPT pregnancy test provides up to 99% accuracy. After getting the results of the test, it is important to follow up with a visit to your healthcare provider.


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