All About Early Detection Pregnancy Test

You should know about the early detection pregnancy test that in the past few years the market for these products has changed a lot.

The tests are becoming more and more sensitive and so they are able to offer accurate results shortly after implantation, even before the first missed period.

Early Detection Pregnancy Test

How does the pregnancy test work?

It is good to know that the tests of this kind detect a special pregnancy hormone known as hCG. This is released by the placenta after the fertilized egg gets implanted into the uterus of women. After implantation the hormone levels increase and they get doubled every 24 hours.

The sensitive pregnancy tests work because hCG soon gets into the circulatory system in women and it can be detected in the urine as well. The test will have a positive result as soon as the concentration of the hormone reaches a certain level (the sensitivity threshold) in the urine.

When thinking about the early detection pregnancy test you should know that the date of implantation isn’t the same as the date of conception. Conception usually happens 24 hours after ovulation. Implantation occurs about six days after conception. This is because the embryo needs time for development.

This is why the hCG hormone measured by the pregnancy tests that are sensitive will not be detected until the egg gets implanted into the endometrium, about a week after ovulation. This is an important fact if you would like to know how soon you can use a test of this kind.

Sensitivity of the test

This is an aspect of the early detection pregnancy test that determines the hCG levels at which the test will return a positive result. The lower the sensitivity threshold is, the more sensitive the test is. This means that there is need for a lower level of hCG in the urine for you to get a positive result.

A few years ago the accurate pregnancy tests had a sensitivity of 100 mIU. In our days the typical sensitivity of the tests is of 20 mIU. This means that you can start testing sooner. The truth is that the tests you can find on the internet are more accurate and they are also more affordable.

It is good to know about the early detection pregnancy test that they have an accuracy of 99% and they are approved by the FDA. Another advantage of these tests is that you don’t need to leave your home to get the test and nobody will ever know that you bought one.


The good thing about the pregnancy tests that are accurate is that they are also sensitive so that you don’t necessarily have to wait for the first missed period to get an accurate result. 20 mIU is an optimal threshold, because this is the amount of hCG present in the urine of women 7-10 days after conception.

It is important to know about the early detection pregnancy test especially if you want to get pregnant.


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