How to Handle a False Negative Pregnancy Test

For sure you have heard about the possibility to have a false negative pregnancy test.

This means that you use a pregnancy test and you get a negative result even though you are pregnant.

The truth is that there are several causes that could lead to false results.

False Negative Pregnancy Test

Information about the pregnancy test with a fake negative

The home pregnancy tests work by measuring the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels of women’s urine. The specialists say that women should wait until their first missed period to get an accurate result. If you feel like you can’t wait that long, you should wait at least two weeks from the date when you suppose you got pregnant.

Even if you follow all the instructions you can get a false negative test result. Keep in mind that these tests are 97% accurate. It is also important to read the results at the right time. In some cases the kits come with a couple of tests. This way if you make a mistake, you will be able to take the test again.

The causes of the test result that is a false negative

It is possible that you will get a false result if you take the test too soon. These results can turn out to be misleading and this is why women have to make sure that they do everything right when they take the test of pregnancy.

Early detection attempt

One of the reasons of a false negative pregnancy kit is that you take the test too soon. The pregnancy tests come with different sensitivity levels. This refers to their ability to detect a certain amount of hCG in the urine. There is need for time for the levels of hormone to raise enough for the tests to detect them.

Erratic technique

Another possibility regarding the negative pregnancy test no period is that you didn’t dip the strip deep enough in urine or you didn’t hold it for long enough in the urine stream. Since you don’t have the right technique, you may end up with a false result.

Missed reaction time

In order to avoid a home pregnancy test that gives a false positive you have to make sure to read the results in the given time period. If you wait too long, longer than the instructions tell you to, you might get a false result, like a false negative.

What to do if you have a false negative with your pregnancy kit?

If you have a negative result but you still believe that you are in fact pregnant, the best thing you can do is to wait a couple of days and then take the test again. The negative result could mean that you aren’t pregnant, you had the test too soon, or you didn’t use the right technique.

It is possible that one pregnancy kit gave a false negative result and the other gave a positive result. In this case you should have a blood test.

Keep in mind that the missed period and negative pregnancy test is always a possibility.


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