Evaluating the Home Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Before talking about home pregnancy test accuracy you should know that these refer to those tests that measure the hCG (human chronic gonadotropin) levels.

Although you can find numerous types and brands, they all work according to the same basis: they work through measuring the hormone levels of the urine.

Home pregnancy test accuracy – what does it mean?

In the majority of the cases the manufacturers claim that the accuracy is of 99% or even more. Nonetheless this could be somewhat misleading, because this is the accuracy in case you use the test on the first day of the missed period.

Home Pregnancy Test AccuracyStill a research regarding the home pregnancy test accuracy have shown that in the majority of the cases these are false claims simply because the hCG levels vary in case of women from one day to the other.

In case of early detection the tests weren’t able to determine the pregnancy.

Even more, according to this study of handling the pregnancy tests’ accuracy there was only one kit that was truly able to show the correct levels of hormones starting with the first day.

This is why the test is able to recognize about 80% of the pregnancies starting with the first day of implantation.

Determining the sensitivity

The more sensitive the test is, the higher the home pregnancy test accuracy is, meaning that you will know faster whether you are expecting or not. At the moment the highest accuracy that you will find is of 90%.

Although as you can see, the tests are quite accurate, there are some factors that could provide you with false results, thus decreasing the home pregnancy test accuracy such as a recent pregnancy, fertility drugs, miscarriage, and in this case it is better to opt for a less sensitive test.

In case you would like to learn about the sensitivity of your test, check the packaging for the lowest mIU concentration that it can measure.

Keep in mind regarding the precision of home pregnancy tests that women produce different kinds of pregnancy hormones, and although the test may be sensitive to one of them, it may not detect an early pregnancy.

Why do false results appear?

When it comes to the precision of the home pregnancy kits, the FDA has some regulations according to which the tests have to be as accurate as the other ones of the market in 99% of the cases.

Since the modern tests are more accurate than the ones developed before, this happens in 100% of the cases.

The interesting thing about the pregnancy tests’ precision is that the manufacturers also add that the test can be used starting with the first day of pregnancy. There are no tests that would support this claim.

When to use a test

Since now you know about the home pregnancy kit’s precision you may know that these are truly accurate as the pregnancy progresses, with the exception of the first days. As you can see, in the majority of the cases the home pregnancy test accuracy is high.


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