Find Out How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy

If you would like to get pregnant for sure you would like to know how early can you detect pregnancy.

Certainly you know that there are many different tests on the market but if you are actively trying it may be best to opt for a test that is sensitive enough to offer reliable results at an early stage.

Detecting pregnancy

In case the egg is fertilized, after it gets embedded into the lining of the uterus, the placenta starts producing a hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). As the pregnancy progresses the amount of this hormone in the body increases.

How Early Can You Detect PregnancyWhen you want to detect pregnancy, you should wait for the hormone levels in the blood or the urine to be high enough to be picked up by the pregnancy test.

The truth is that the blood tests are more sensitive than the home pregnancy tests you can find on the market.

If you are asking how early can you detect pregnancy, you should know that the amount of hormone reaches 25mlU in about 10 days.

The majority of the tests can detect 50mlU and so you have to wait about 20 days for the test results to be reliable. Anyway you will find out the results before you have your first missed period.

Early testing for pregnancy

In case you are thinking about detecting pregnancy, you don’t necessarily have to wait two weeks after your ovulation to find out. A lot of women can’t afford to have a blood test every month, but they also have the option of buying sensitive home tests that are a lot less expensive.

The women asking how early can you detect pregnancy should know that at the moment the most sensitive pregnancy tests can detect 20mlU. The second most sensitive test picks up 40mlU. The rest of the tests offer a reliable result at 50mlU as it has been mentioned before.

Since the most sensitive tests are good at detecting pregnancy at the earliest stages, with their help you can find out that you have conceived only a week after it happens. Nonetheless there are some things to consider when using such sensitive home tests.

Inaccurate results

A lot of women are anxious when it comes to how early can you detect pregnancy and they test too early. In this case, it is just natural that they will receive a false negative result. This means that the woman in question is pregnant, but the hormone levels aren’t high enough to be picked up by the test.

On the other hand, when it comes to detecting pregnancy it is possible to have a false positive, but it happens rarely. This means that you get a positive result even if you aren’t pregnant.

Although you may be interested in how early can you detect pregnancy, you have to make sure that you don’t test too early so that the result you get will be a reliable one; it is best to repeat the test.


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