Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy Tests – Things to Look For

Although there are some chances of infertility, you should know that you can get pregnant even if you have this condition. In this case you might be thinking about hypothyroidism and pregnancy tests.

Hypothyroidism means that the thyroid hormone level of the body isn’t high enough.

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy Tests

Information about the pregnancy tests and hypothyroidism

Statistically speaking, about 10% of women have problems of this kind before or during their pregnancy. Nonetheless the majority of women don’t even know that they have a problem. This is because usually the symptoms are really mild and women mistake them for the symptoms of pregnancy.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

When thinking about the tests for pregnancy and hypothyroidism you should know that the condition can cause fatigue, lethargy, weakness, weight gain or problems with losing weight, hair loss, dry skin, cold intolerance, depression, constipation, slow heart rate, decreased libido, and goiter.

The truth about hypothyroidism and pregnancy tests is that women usually experience only a few of these symptoms or none of them. However they could have more subtle symptoms, like skin problems. Tiredness and weight gain are common in case of pregnant women so it is no wonder that women don’t recognize them as manifestations of this health problem.


Because of the problems that the condition can cause, the tests of pregnancy and hypothyroidism have become quite common. The majority of the doctors test all their pregnant patients but also the women thinking about getting pregnant.

Blood test

In case you are thinking about hypothyroidism and pregnancy tests, you should know that these consist of a simple test that is meant to measure the TSH levels. This can indicate a possible thyroid problem. If your levels are too high it means that you have hypothyroidism and that your thyroid gland doesn’t function as it should.


A lot of women wondering about the hypothyroidism pregnancy tests are curious about the causes of the problem. The truth is that the specialists don’t know why some women have problems of this kind, while others don’t. It can be caused by an infection or it could be an autoimmune condition. The problem can also arise if a woman has a part of her thyroid gland surgically removed.

You shouldn’t worry about the hypothyroidism and pregnancy tests because the tests are simple and your chances of having hypothyroidism are very low. Still it is best if you have yourself tested by your doctor, just to be sure.


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