Reviewing New Choice Pregnancy Test

When it comes to pregnancy tests, there are a lot of options to choose from, such as the New Choice pregnancy test.

According to the manufacturer the accuracy of the test is of 99% and so it offers results that women can actually trust. Besides this the tests are supposed to be easy to use and they should offer a result in maximum 3 minutes.

New Choice Pregnancy Test

Information about the pregnancy test from New Choice

The manufacturer claims that the product can be used by clinics as well but it can also be sold in convenience stores. One case of tests comes with 72 tests. If you don’t need a full case you can also buy the product in smaller quantities.

What do the customers have to say?

According to the women who tried the New Choice pregnancy kit, the tests do what they promise to do, but they aren’t the most sensitive tests on the market. Since the test can’t be used for early detection, women have to wait until their first missed period to use the test.


Some women just couldn’t believe that the New Choice pregnancy test works. In some cases they got a positive result, but they couldn’t believe it, so they bought a more expensive home test that showed the same result. It looks like the results are reliable and the test is really easy to use.

Great value

A lot of women say about the pregnancy kit from New Choice that it is of great value. In many cases the woman who tried this product also tried other, more expensive products, thinking that those are more accurate. It looks like this product is just as accurate as the other ones.


Although some women say that the New Choice pregnancy test isn’t sensitive enough, others believe that it has just the right sensitivity even if they want to use it sooner than they should. Some women used the product before their first missed period and they got accurate results.

Faint results

We all know that women aren’t supposed to look at the test after a given period of time. This is also the case of the New Choice home test. However in one case in the right time frame the result was negative, but after 30 minutes a faint positive appeared and later the woman in question found out that she was really pregnant.

Saving cash

Numerous customers prefer the New Choice pregnancy test because it is cheaper since it doesn’t have a fancy packaging and women have to collect their samples. However the directions are easy to understand and women get the same results that the more expensive tests have to offer.


A lot of women were surprised to find out that their doctors are also using the home test from New Choice. This shows that even the professionals trust the results of these tests.

All in all we can say that it is worth to try the New Choice pregnancy test because it turns out to be accurate.


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