Nuchal Translucency Test Side Effects

The women interested in the nuchal translucency test side effects should know that this test uses sound waves to generate images of the little one while he or she is still in the womb. There are no X-rays or radiation used to generate the images and at the moment there are no known side effects associated with the test.

Nuchal Translucency Test Side Effects


Usually the mothers request this kind of imaging so that they will have a numeric rating of the chances that the baby has of being affected by Down syndrome. The test doesn’t tell you for sure whether the baby has Down syndrome or not, but it is able to find about 85%-90% of the high risk babies.


When preparing for the examination you don’t have to stress about the nuchal translucency test negative effects. Before the test you will have to drink one liter of water so that your bladder will be full. This will make it possible for the doctor to see the baby and the pelvic structure better.

How does it work?

In case you are interested in the nuchal translucency test side effects, it is good to know that the tests usually take place in a dimly lit room, so that there will be less glare on the monitor. Your partner can be present at the test as well. Most probably you will have to change into a patients’ gown.

When you lie on the exam table just try to forget all about the negative effects of nuchal translucency test. The doctor will apply some ultrasound gel on your belly. For the best results the test needs to be done by a professional sonographer.

The only one of the nuchal translucency test side effects is that you may get bored during the test. In order for it to be effective the baby must be in a certain position. In some cases people have to wait for an hour for this to happen. Sometimes there might be need for a transvaginal scan or you may need another appointment hoping that the baby will cooperate on that occasion.

What will you need?

Once you get past your fears regarding the adverse effects of nuchal translucency test you should listen to your doctor and bring everything that he or she asks you to.

Keep in mind that there are no known nuchal translucency test side effects.


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