Find Out the Truth About Pregnancy Test Accuracy

When it comes to the pregnancy test accuracy, women could have a lot of questions. It doesn’t really matter whether this is the first time you have it or you have done it before, waiting for the results is a true emotional rollercoaster. To make things a little easier you should gather more information about the sensitivity of these tests.

How do the tests work?

If you are wondering about the accuracy of the pregnancy tests you should make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. You should know that the tests approved by the FDA are 99% accurate in the laboratory settings. These tests work by detecting the hCG levels of women’s urine.

Pregnancy Test AccuracyThis test is used for the efficiency of the pregnancy tests because this is the first pregnancy hormone produced by women. At the beginning it is produced by the corpus luteum and later by the placenta. Just as you may have thought, the hormone can be found in the urine as well.

Generally speaking the pregnancy test accuracy is high enough for the pregnancy to be detected 7-10 days after ovulation. This means that the hCG levels should be high enough for the pregnancy tests to detect them. When using the pregnancy test, the best thing that women can do is to test their first urine in the morning.

In case you are interested in the pregnancy tests’ efficiency you should know that the hCG levels produced by women vary. This is why it is a very good idea to repeat the test, no matter what the results may be. It is possible that you get a false negative or a false positive.

Blood test and urine pregnancy test accurateness

Both of these tests are meant to measure the hCG levels, but they use different bodily fluids to do so. In the majority of the cases the blood test is more accurate. If you have a quantitative test you can exactly know the amount of hCG present in the blood. If you have a positive result, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

On the other hand the qualitative pregnancy test accuracy is also high, but in this case you won’t know the amount of hCG. This is something like the urine pregnancy test because it only tells you whether you are pregnant or not. In this case you get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to your question.


As it has been mentioned before the accurateness of the pregnancy tests is of about 99% if you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Before you use the test, make sure that the expiration date didn’t pass. Usually the tests can be used for two years after they were manufactured.

When to start?

The testing date depends on the exactness of the pregnancy test and on the sensitivity of the test. Usually you can start testing 7-10 days after ovulation, but there are some tests that can give you an accurate result even sooner.

Now you know more about the pregnancy tests accuracy.



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