What to Know About Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period?

As many women are eager to become pregnant, they tend to take a pregnancy test before missed period.

Early detection is a common aspect of the pregnancy kits. The truth is that there is a lot of information regarding this aspect. Nobody can stop you from having a pregnancy test, but you have to remember that there is the possibility of having a false result.

Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period

First missed period and the early pregnancy test

For sure you know that there are a many different kinds of home pregnancy tests on the market that you can buy in different places. In some cases you will have to collect some urine in a container and dip the stick in it, or you have to put some urine with an eyedropper in a special container.

In other cases the pregnancy tests that are early have to be placed in the urine stream. The time period that you have to wait before you get the result of the test varies from one product to the other. Some of them will show a certain color, while the others will show a symbol.


When thinking about having a pregnancy test before missed period you should be thinking about amenorrhea. This means that you miss a period although you usually have regular periods. This is considered to be the first sign of pregnancy. Nonetheless you may have to wait a few days for the tests to give you a positive result.

If you think that the early detection pregnancy test didn’t give an accurate result when you had a negative result, you should wait a few days and then repeat the test. Another option is to have a test at the doctor’s office. The blood tests are more accurate in detecting the hCG levels and they become reliable about 10 days after ovulation.

Nonetheless, when thinking about the pregnancy test before missed period the specialists and the pregnancy test manufacturers say that women should wait until their first missed period before they start testing to make sure that the results will be accurate.

Sensitive pregnancy test

If you find a pregnancy test with a high level of sensitivity, you might be able to find out that you are pregnant only 6 days after fertilization. This means that 8 days before your following menstrual period you will already know whether you are pregnant or not.

When considering the pregnancy test before missed period you should also know about the possibility of having a chemical pregnancy. This means that you have a positive pregnancy test, but there is no baby developing in the uterus. In this case it is said that you have a false positive test.

In the same time in case of the pregnancy tests that are sensitive there is also the possibility to have a false negative result. This means that you will have a negative result even if you are pregnant.

There are a lot of things that women should know about the pregnancy test before missed period in order to know for sure when they get pregnant.


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