When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

If you are asking when should I take a pregnancy test it is good to know that it is best to wait until the first missed period. The majority of the tests that can be found on the market in our days offer the most accurate results if the hCG levels of the blood are high enough. This is why you should wait.

Conception, ovulation, implantation and taking a pregnancy test

Keep in mind that each woman is a little different and so the time needed for implantation to occur could vary from one case to the other. A lot of people think that implantation happens a week after conception. According to studies, hCG appears for the first time in the blood 6-12 days after the egg was released.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy TestWhen asking “when can I take a pregnancy test”, remember that in 85% of the cases hCG production starts 8-10 days after ovulation. In case you do get tested and you get a negative result that doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t pregnant. It is possible that the hCG levels aren’t high enough yet.

It is possible regarding getting a pregnancy test that you didn’t ovulate when you thought you did, but later. As a result conception also happens later and you should get tested later. In the same time it is also possible that the process of conception takes more time than usually.

Test sensitivity

In case you are interested in when to take a pregnancy test it is good to know that the pregnancy tests’ sensitivity that can be found on the market varies greatly. The lower the hormone levels that can be picked up are, the more sensitive the test is considered to be. The more sensitive it is considered, the faster it can pick up the changing levels of hCG.

The pregnancy tests you take with a sensitivity of 20 mIU are able to offer an accurate result 6-8 days of ovulation. However the number of women who get a positive result this fast is very low. Usually women get an accurate result after 9-10 days after ovulation.

Downsides of sensitive tests

The question when should I take a pregnancy test could have many different answers. A lot of women prefer to use more sensitive pregnancy tests, but they should know that these have some downsides as well. The sad truth is that about a quarter of all pregnancies end with a miscarriage.

In the majority of the cases a miscarriage takes place even before women take a pregnancy test. If you find out very soon that you are pregnant it is possible that you will have a miscarriage and you will have your period. If you waited a little longer you wouldn’t even know about your miscarriage.


In case you are asking when can I take a pregnancy test it is good to know whether you are able to handle a possible miscarriage. If you are, you could use a sensitive pregnancy test.

Now you know when to take a pregnancy test.


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