Risks of CVS Testing

Before thinking about the risks of CVS testing, you should know that it stands for chorionic villus sampling and it is used to identify chromosomal and other kinds of abnormalities in the baby. This is usually useful if one of the parents have some family history of such abnormalities.

Risks of CVS Testing

Information about the CVS testing risks

Although it is considered to be a safe procedure, the specialists admit that it is an invasive procedure, so it is just normal for it to have some potential risks. One of the most important ones is miscarriage and the chances of having a miscarriage is of 1%.

Who is it for?

In case you are wondering about the side effects of CVS testing you should know that usually it is recommended for women with some kind of infection (such as STDs), women pregnant with twins and those future mothers who experienced some bleeding during the early stages of their pregnancy.

When it comes to the risks of CVS testing, it is best for women not to have this test if they have uterine fibroids or if they have a tilted uterus which makes it more difficult to maneuver the catheter. If you have the procedure, there are some side effects that you can experience

Possible CVS testing side effects

After the procedure you may have an infection, you might notice some spotting and you could experience bleeding or pain around the puncture point. The symptoms should go away in a little while. However if they don’t, you should talk to your health care provider about them.

Serious risks of CVS testing

There are some more serious side effects, such as chills, fever and leaking amniotic fluid. If you experience these you should see your health care provider immediately. It is important to know about the test that there is 1% chance to get a false positive result. This means that the test shows that the baby has an abnormality, but in fact he or she is healthy.

The doctor

If you are considering the adverse effects of CVS testing you should know that usually the side effects depend on the skill level of your doctor. If he or she is skilled, it is very likely that you won’t experience any side effects at all.

Talk to your doctor about the risks of CVS testing before getting tested to know what to expect from the test.


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