Urine Pregnancy Test Facts You Ought to Know

The urine pregnancy test is also known as home pregnancy test and it is one of the most important tools women can use to find out whether they are pregnant or not.

There are millions of women turning to this method when they want to get answers. If you suspect that you could be pregnant, most probably this is what you will use to get the first confirmation.

Information about pregnancy tests using urine

Although their accuracy is quite high, they aren’t infallible. Before you actually go to the pharmacy to get a test you should decide what brand you would like to get.

The truth is that it may be better to go to your doctor to be tested by him or her because the test can be more accurate.

Urine Pregnancy TestHow early can you use the pregnancy tests using urine?

When it comes to the tests of this kind, we have to note that they haven’t changed much during the last few years. All of the kits come with a plastic stick that can change your life forever.

The only change is that some of the brands claim that their tests can offer accurate results only a few days after conception takes place.

The urine pregnancy test work through measuring the hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone levels inside the urine.

This is a pregnancy hormone that is produced by the placenta and that gets into the bloodstream after the fertilized egg gets implanted in the lining of the uterus.

During the first few weeks of pregnancy the hormone levels increase quite fast, and this is what the pregnancy tests using urine can detect. There is some hCG in your blood a few days after conception but in the majority of the cases the levels aren’t high enough to be detected by the test.

Usually the urine pregnancy test works best around the time when you have your first missed period. Nonetheless you could try using one if you see some of the symptoms of pregnancy but it is very likely that you won’t get an accurate result at the early stages.

Accurate pregnancy tests

One of the companies producing pregnancy tests using urine is First Response and they produce many different kinds of brands. The manufacturer claims that some of these are 99% accurate if they are used as they are supposed to.

After you had your first missed period, you should test in the morning. It is best to use the urine pregnancy test in the morning because then is when the hormone levels are at their peak.

Timing is a very important factor, but there are some other indications as well that need to be taken into consideration such as how to check the test or how long you have to wait for the results.

The pregnancy tests using urine need to be paid for unless you go to a clinic that offers free testing of this kind. Nonetheless you shouldn’t trust the brands that are free or very cheap.

Now you know all about the urine pregnancy test. You can use them to get the pregnancy confirmation but you should also have a blood test to be sure.

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