What Is the Best Pregnancy Test?

When buying a pregnancy test most probably you are looking for the best pregnancy test and finding it may be a daunting task.

There are a lot of different tests available on the market.

All you have to do is to do some research to find the one that seems the most suitable for your needs.

What Is the Best Pregnancy Test


First Response as one of the pregnancy tests that are the best

The pregnancy tests of the brand may be the most accurate ones on the market. The test has a 95% accuracy rate even when used before the woman has her first missed period. The hormone levels at this stage cannot be detected by the majority of the other tests. The results of the test are also easy to read.

Clearblue Easy

In case of the top pregnancy test, the test’s tip becomes pink if it is used as it is supposed to be. This way women will know whether they use the test properly. You will get a plus sign when you are pregnant and a minus if you aren’t. Remember that the result is accurate, even if you notice a faint line.

Fact Plus

While in the past the product wasn’t known to be among the pregnancy tests that are on the top, the manufacturer revised the tests and now it can detect low hCG levels. The new product is just as accurate as any other product on the market, being able to detect hCG levels of 25 mIU.

CVS Digital Test

This one of the best pregnancy kits is a two-step one. Before you actually use the stick, you have to place it into the stick holder. This test is just as accurate as any other digital test, but you can buy it for a lot less.

Clearblue Easy Digital

According to the manufacturer, this is the pregnancy kit that is the best on the market. The test takes three minutes and you will notice the words ‘not pregnant’ or ‘pregnant’ without leaving room for interpretation. If you want to know that you use the test right, there is visual demonstration on the website of the company.

Dollar Store

When thinking about the best pregnancy tests there are a lot of women who become a bit obsessive with using the pregnancy tests and this could become an expensive activity. This brand offers a more affordable option for all the women. The test can detect hormone levels of 20 mIU.


This is one of the top pregnancy kits because it can detect really low hCG levels. Even though it is a store-brand product, for sure it will offer you accurate results. Nonetheless you have to make sure that you follow the instructions.


You should know about this one of the pregnancy kits that is on the top that it has the same manufacturer as the brand Fact Plus. This means that the two brands have the same accuracy.

Now you know which ones to consider as the best pregnancy test.


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