When Does The Pregnancy Test Show A False Positive?

The common home pregnancy test kit is usually quite fool proof and 99% of the time it will give you a correct reading of the pregnant or non pregnant state of a woman.

However, in some rare cases, a home pregnancy test will display a false positive and there could be several reasons for this:

  • Not following directions properly can sometimes result in a false positive result.
  • The home test kit is either contaminated or is faulty. On rare occasions there could be something wrong with the strip that you may be using and therefore may show a false positivepregnancy test
  • Contamination or impurity of the urine sample. A home test kit usually requires a woman to use a urine sample for taking the test. If the sample is collected in a cup having traces of detergent or if there is some blood in the sample, this could result in a false positive.
  • Certain prescription medications can interfere with an accurate result so that if one is on any kind of tranquilizers, diuretics, anticonvulsants etc, there are chances of the test showing a false positive
  • Certain medical conditions can cause the test result to show a false positive, particularly if there is a disorder or tumor of some sort in the reproductive tract.


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