When to Test for Pregnancy so It Won’t Be Too Soon?

In case you would like to get pregnant, most probably you would like to have a pregnancy test every day.

Nonetheless it is a lot more economical to know when to test for pregnancy. This way you can calculate when you ovulate and when the fertilization took place.

The moment of testing for pregnancy

If you think that you could be pregnant, you should have the test when you had your first missed period. In case you have regular periods for sure you will know when this happens. In case you don’t have regular periods, you could have a test 21 days after you had intercourse.

When To Test For PregnancyThe packaging of the test could also offer you some information regarding when you could use it for testing for pregnancy.

In case the test is more sensitive, you could use it even before your first missed period. To find this information, you should check the packaging of the product.

How is the test performed?

The main point of the pregnancy tests is to check the levels of hCG in the urine. After the egg gets fertilized, the body starts producing this pregnancy hormone.

If you would like to know when to test for pregnancy you should know that it takes about two weeks for the hormone levels to get high enough for the test to recognize it.

Moment of conception

Regarding testing for pregnancy you should know that the egg is released from the ovary about 14 days after your last period, and this is the time when you could conceive.

The life span of an egg is of about 24-48 hours after being released and this is the time window when you could get pregnant.

Also when thinking about when to test for pregnancy you should know that the sperm could live in your body for 7 days, so in order to conceive you should have intercourse a week before or on the day of ovulation. It is said that to make sure that you will get pregnant you should have intercourse every two days during the month.

When you are asking about testing for pregnancy keep in mind that you don’t need to have intercourse on the day when you ovulate. After conception, the hCG levels vary from one woman to the other, and so in some cases a week after conception you could already get tested. Nonetheless usually there is need for higher levels for an accurate result.


Now that you know when to test for pregnancy you should know that in the majority of the cases the result of the test is correct. If you take the test on the day of your first missed period and it comes up positive, then most probably you are really pregnant.

Nonetheless when it comes to testing for pregnancy a negative test isn’t that reliable. In case you are wondering when to test for pregnancy you should repeat the test after another week just to make sure that the first result was accurate.


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