Learn About the Strep B Test

If you are thinking about the strep B test you should know that during their pregnancy, women have numerous different tests, including this one. Some other tests include amniocentesis, glucose test, protein and glucose monitoring and blood pressure.

Strep B Test

Information about the test of strep B

The test can be defined as the testing of a person for the streptococcus bacteria. This test is meant to find the B type of the bacteria and it doesn’t say anything about the presence of the type A bacteria. Usually the test is offered to pregnant women as regular prenatal care.

What is strep B?

Just as the name suggests, strep B is the bacteria that is detected by the strep B testing. The bacteria can be found in the digestive and reproductive tracts of about 30% of all women. In the majority of the cases women don’t even know that they are affected because there are no symptoms.

When thinking about the strep B test, it is also good to know that the women don’t become ill because they are simply carrying the bacteria. Nonetheless an infection can lead to urinary tract, blood or skin infections that can become quite serious if it isn’t treated.

When to have the testing of strep B?

Normally the test is offered to pregnant women during the third trimester, between weeks 35 and 37. This is done so because it is possible to pass the infection on to the baby during labor and birth. The doctors want to know about the infection so that they can take precautions.

The truth about the strep B test is that it is possible to have a negative result at one time and then a positive one at another time. This is why the doctors always suppose that the women who had a positive result are infected. As a result after a positive result there will be no other test done.

Why to have the screening for strep B?

The test is done because there is the possibility of an infection which can be dangerous not only for the mother but for the baby as well. In case of the newborns the infection can lead to serious problems such as sepsis and meningitis. These can lead to serious problems like blindness or even death.

You don’t have to be too worried about the strep B test because only in rare cases does the infection get very serious. Only about 0.5%-1% of the babies whose mothers have strep B infection have a baby who has an infection upon birth.

What if the strep B screening is positive?

If you have a positive result, most probably you will receive an oral antibiotic. While being in labor you will receive antibiotics intravenously that will kill the remaining bacteria in the genital tract that weren’t killed by the oral antibiotics.

The strep B test is something that all women should have to make sure that they and their babies are safe and that the childbirth will be normal.


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