Interesting Ways to Tell your Husband that you are Pregnant

Being pregnant is a feeling that is incomparable and once you find yourself to be pregnant, it is the best news that you can give to your husband. He should be the first person to get this news before anyone else and there are many interesting ways to give him this news. It would be a moment that both you and your husband will never forget and so make it special by any of the following awesome ways:

interesting ways to tell your husband that you are pregnant

The Pregnancy Test Kit Result as a Gift

A romantic dinner is the perfect way of saying a lot of things and it is a very cute way to giving this happy news to your husband as well. Take your husband out for a romantic dinner and treat him all his favorite. Then give him a wrapped package with your pregnancy positive test inside.

Foodie Ideas to Convey the Message

You can also cook for him his favorite dishes and or any other food that would make him guess about the arrival of a new member. For example, you can bake cookies or cupcakes with messages that point to the news that he will soon be dad. You can also consider creating a pottery plate with the message ‘You are going to be a daddy’ so that he gets the news once he sees finishes his dinner. Or you can also carve the same on watermelons and other fruits so that he gets the news when he sits on the table.

How about Some Baby Food?

Men love everything that is related to food and this is another great way to giving him such a great news. You can cook a dinner with baby carrots, baby peas, baby cabbages and the likes. While you serving him the dinner or eating together, make sure to mention the term ‘baby’ over and over again. Serve him a baby food jar as dessert so that he gets your hints clearly.

Present him a T-Shirt

This is another unique way of telling your husband that he is going to be a father. Gift him a t-shirt with the quotes written ‘World’s greatest Daddy’ to surprise him and this is something that he can use to give the world, this happiest news. Make sure that you gift him this t-shirt in a big box and your husband would definitely wear it with pride.

Make Dinner Together

Take a bottle of sauce and place a creative label mentioning that you two are soon going to be parents. As your husband comes back home, suggest that you two make dinner that night together. Ask him to get that bottle and see his expression changing within seconds.

Write it with a Lipstick

Take a red lipstick and write on your belly ‘You are going to be dad’ and wait for his expression to change to sheer happiness.

There are many other innovative ways to give this news. Just make sure that it becomes one of the most memorable day of your lives.


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