You Can Test Your Pregnancy Probability Yourself

Many women around the world often have mixed reactions on whether they are pregnant or not after experiencing early symptoms. With technological advances in the medical world simplified by easy access to the internet, you no longer have to worry about the probability of being pregnant.

A lot of doubt surrounds many of the common symptoms that women experience but online based pregnancy probability tests have provided a simple yet convenient way to ascertain those doubts.

Online pregnancy probability test

This is a simple mathematical calculation that indicates the probability of being pregnant. This online test comprises of a series of general questions that you are asked to provide accurate information. Once you have filled all the test questions, results are provided based on the information given. The results provide a better understanding and the likelihood of whether you are pregnant or not. The best thing about these online based tests is that they are free of charge and very easy to use.

Pregnancy ProbabilityOnline test procedure

The pregnancy probability test basically starts by asking you to answer some basic questions like your age, the standard length of your monthly cycles and the first day of your last normal menstrual period.

You may also be asked to provide the suspected date of conception. The next step is a request for any information about the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing.

A list of symptoms is normally provided for you to choose from comparing with the actual symptoms you have. Most of them are early symptoms that are experienced when pregnant.

Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy include missed menstrual periods mostly for more than a week, abundant cervical mucus, lower abdominal cramps during pregnancy, nausea or morning sickness, breast tenderness and increase in size, fatigue, vomiting, frequent urination, food cravings, constipation, lower back pain and headaches. All these details are used to provide a respectable pregnancy probability result.

To facilitate further analyses, some more questions may be asked because some medical conditions may cause symptoms that mimic being pregnant. These may be issues concerning your day to day activities, health status including weight and stress issues. You are also asked to provide information on the use of any contraceptives before or after you experienced the symptoms.

A list of the various birth control methods is also provided for you to choose from. It is important to know that the purpose of an online probability test is to provide probability but not accurate or exact pregnancy results.

Results are usually provided based on the normal ovulation process when women can get pregnant. Remember that not all symptoms indicate being pregnant and some may not be present at all in some women. Early symptoms vary from woman to woman and can take a few weeks to even develop.

Once you get your pregnancy probability results, the best idea is to go for a home test kit which should be used at least a week after a missed menstrual period. If still in doubt, consult a medical professional to carry out accurate confirmatory pregnancy tests.


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