Top Tests During Pregnancy

There are a lot of women who would like to have tests during pregnancy in order to make sure that the baby is alright. Nonetheless in some cases the results aren’t the ones that the future parents hoped for.

However this isn’t the end of the world and there are some tests to know whether the results were accurate.

The options regarding pregnancy testing

The truth is that you can opt for not having any tests at all while you are pregnant. During the first visit to your doctor you will learn about the options that you have and you can make an appointment for different kinds of tests right then. There are some women who would take every possible test, but usually this isn’t necessary.

Tests during PregnancyDating scan

This is a part of the pregnancy testing that you could have. Actually it is an ultrasound that can reveal your due date and this is a routine scan between weeks 8 and 12. This is a test that can find serious problems, such as if the heart of the baby stopped beating or if the internal organs didn’t form normally.

In case of this one of the tests during pregnancy all you have to do is to lie on the bed and the sonographer will apply jelly on your belly. Then he or she will move the transducer around.

You will see the picture of the little one on the screen and during this time the specialist can take measurements. You could have some kind of pregnancy testing before the 8th week if you had a previous miscarriage, if an ectopic pregnancy is suspected or in case you aren’t certain whether you are pregnant.

In this case there is a thin probe inserted into the vagina which offers a clean picture of the baby.

Nuchal scan

This one of the tests during pregnancy isn’t performed everywhere. The main point of the test is to learn the chances of the baby being affected by Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. The test is done through measuring the gap that can be found at the neck of the baby.

This pregnancy testing along with the age of the fetus will give the risk factor. If the chances turn out to be higher than one in 250 then you will be offered another test, such as amniocentesis or CVS. The good thing about the testing is that it happens early and you still have some time to take measures.

Anomaly scan

This is one of the tests during pregnancy that you can opt to have between weeks 18 and 22. In this case the ultrasound is used, and the sonographer is able to determine the volume of fluid around the baby and the location of the placenta.

The pregnancy testing gives information about the development and growth of the little one and there are also some conditions that you could find out about.

There are some other tests during pregnancy that you could opt to have.


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