Learn About the Types of Abortion

When it comes to types of abortion the available options are influenced by the number of weeks passed since you got pregnant. Just as you may have thought, during an early pregnancy you have more options than when you are 30 weeks pregnant. This is why it is important to reach a decision at the early stages.

Abortion types in the first trimester

In case you would like to have an abortion during the first 12 weeks, you can choose among medical abortion and surgical procedures. Nonetheless you can have medical abortion only during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Types of Abortion1. Methotrexate and misoprostol

This is one of the abortion types that you could use in the first 7 weeks of your pregnancy. Just as in any other case of medical abortion you will have to take two drugs. You should know that the method isn’t widely spread in the United States because mifepristone is also available, which is a more effective drug.

2. Mifepristone and pisoprostol

It is another one of the medical types of abortion and just as the previous method, it is an option until the 7th week of your pregnancy. As it has been mentioned, it is quite efficient, and it is also known as the pill, RU-486 and mifeprex.

3. Manual vacuum aspiration

The procedure is also known as MVA, and the good thing about this one of the abortion types is that it can be used between the weeks 3 and 12. Also it is preferred by women because it isn’t invasive and all the patients need is local anesthesia of the cervix.

4. Aspiration

The advantage of this one of the types of abortion is that it can be used until the 16th week of pregnancy, a little longer than the other methods. It is also known as suction curettage, vacuum aspiration or dilation and curettage, D&C for short.

The second trimester

The medical abortion types aren’t an option anymore, so women can only think about the surgical abortion methods. As you may have thought these are more invasive and they put women through harder times. Nonetheless complications rarely appear.

1. Dilation and curettage

D&C is one of the types of abortion which can be performed until the 16th week of your pregnancy. During this procedure the fetus and the pregnancy tissue are removed through gentle suction using a tool inserted through the cervix after this has been dilated.

2. Dilation and evacuation

Just as in the previous case, it one of the abortion types that can also be used until the 16th week and the method is similar to D&C.

3. Induction abortion

The truth about this one of the types of abortion is that it is quite rarely performed and during it there is urea, potassium chloride or salt water added the amniotic sac. The doctor inserts in the vagina prostaglandins and the patient receives pitocin intravenously.

The third trimester

There are some states where the late term abortion types aren’t allowed. The concept of late term refers to the fact that the baby would already be able to survive alone. Some specialists say that babies could survive starting with the 24th week, and after this time no abortion should be performed.

1. Induction abortion

You many know about this one of the options that you have for abortion which it is used quite rarely and as it has been mentioned before, the doctor inserts foreign substances into the amniotic sac.

There are many different types of abortion, but you may know by now that the earlier the abortion takes place, the more options you have for it.


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