Are Vaginal Exams Really Necessary During Pregnancy?

In case you are pregnant and you are wondering about the vaginal exams, here is some info about it. The vaginal exams during pregnancy are very controversial, for they are not the method all doctors are using.

The gynecologists from the new generation are claiming that the vaginal exams during the first months of your pregnancy can be even dangerous. The old school doctors recommend vaginal exams as the best way to find cervical anomalies.

Pelvic ExamThe advantages of having a vaginal exam are related to your cervix. According to the specialists, cervix exams are only available through a vaginal exam.

Of course an ultrasound exam can be a lot more effective than a vaginal one, so the conclusion about the vaginal exam during your pregnancy is clear: the vaginal exams aren’t really necessary.

Actually, a vaginal exam can increase the risk of an infection. The old myths related to the vaginal exams are that they can tell whether the labor is going to start.

This isn’t the truth. A sonogram or an ultrasound can tell much more about the start of the labor, without causing discomfort such as the one caused by the vaginal exams.

During the first months of your pregnancy, try to avoid the vaginal exams, even if your doctor insists. A vaginal exam can stimulate your cervix prematurely and can cause early abortion.

Therefore, try to avoid vaginal exams in the first semester of your pregnancy. In the last days of your pregnancy you will be facing the dilemma about the vaginal exams once again.

If you are already in hospital and your due date is passed, go for a vaginal exam. The vaginal exam will stimulate your cervix and the birth will begin very soon.

Yet, try to avoid all kind of vaginal exams during your pregnancy. An ultrasound, blood and urine tests are enough to control your pregnancy.


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