Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Sign of Twins

If you are thinking about bleeding in pregnancy – sign of twins you are most likely aware that a twin pregnancy is pretty different from a singleton pregnancy.

The chances or premature delivery are higher and the birth weight of the babies is lower. The pregnancy symptoms are also more accentuated in this case.

Sign of twins: bleeding in pregnancy

The specialists say that the women who are pregnant with twins are more likely to experience some spotting or bleeding. In this case it is normal to notice brown or pink spots. You should be alarmed only in case the spots are bright red and they are accompanied by fever as well.

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Sign of Twins

Ectopic pregnancy

If you are considering the bleeding in pregnancy as a sign of twins you should know that there were some women who were spotting so much that their doctor thought they might be having an ectopic pregnancy. However, the emergency ultrasound that they had, showed that the pregnancy is normal, that there is more than one baby.


In case you are thinking about the bleeding in pregnancy being a twin pregnancy sign you should know that the spotting can also be accompanied by cramping. This is something that would make the majority of women see their doctor. This is the time when the majority of women find out that they are carrying twins.


See the doctor

Even though you might think about bleeding in pregnancy – sign of twins, the best thing that you could do is to see your doctor about it. Usually this is the only thing that can assure women that everything is fine. This way they can find out that they might need more baby clothes than they thought at first.

On and off

The women who saw bleeding in pregnancy that proved to be a sign of twins say that their bleeding happened on and off. However this was worrisome for them and so they decided to see their doctor about it. Normally the bleeding subsides after a few days and there shouldn’t be any complications with your pregnancy.


The women thinking about the sign of twins and bleeding during pregnancy should know that the bleeding may also indicate that the placenta is peeling away from the wall of the uterus. This happens if you are stressed about work or anything else. Keep in mind that this is the time to relax and just enjoy your pregnancy.

A lot of women think that bleeding in pregnancy – sign of twins can’t actually be a valid proof that they are expecting more than one child. Regardless of that, recent studies have demonstrated that over half of twin pregnancies present this sign in the first trimester.


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