How Much Folic Acid During Pregnancy with Twins

We all know that women are supposed to take folic acid before and during their pregnancy.

Nonetheless the future mothers of twins ask “how much folic acid during pregnancy with twins?” should be taken.

This is a kind of vitamin B that helps the babies develop normally and it decreases the chances of having neural tube abnormalities.

How Much Folic Acid During Pregnancy with Twins


If you find out that you are expecting twins most probably your doctor will tell you that you need more folic acid than the women who are expecting singletons. As a result you might have to switch your prenatal vitamins to some that contain a higher dose of folic acid.

What did other women do?

The women who listened to their doctors opted for vitamins that come with more folic acid. There are some prenatal vitamins that come with 400ui folic acid, 10ui vitamin D and 70ui vitamin C. The supplements of this kind have everything that the mother and the baby need for healthy development.


When asking how much folic acid during pregnancy with twins, you should know that there are some kinds of prenatal vitamins that contain a higher dose of folic acid, but usually you need a prescription for these. You should also know that the iron supplements also contain some folic acid.

The specialists’ opinion

While some specialists say that women need more folic acid for a twin pregnancy, they also believe that taking folic acid has nothing to do with the occurrence of spina bifida. Even more, they say that this is just another way to blame the mothers if there is something wrong with the baby. They believe that the incidence of spinal problems decreased because of the use of ultrasounds.

Not being told anything

As you can see the women asking how much folic acid during pregnancy with twins are sometimes told that they need extra folic acid. However, sometimes the doctors don’t say anything about the extra supplements so the women take the vitamins that they would if they had a singleton pregnancy.

Iron and folic acid

As it has been mentioned before regarding the twin pregnancy and the amount of folic acid that the mothers need, folic acid and iron supplements sometimes go hand in hand. The women who need more folic acid usually also need more iron as well.


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