The Challenge of Being Pregnant with Triplets

If you happen to be pregnant with triplets your pregnancy will be a little different from other pregnancies. In order to make sure that you will be able to cope with everything, there are some tips that you could use. Naturally you will also learn a lot of new things as a result of your experience.

Pregnant with Triplets

The word travels in case of a pregnancy with triplets

It is important to remember that the majority of the miscarriages happen during the first trimester. This is why you should wait before you start spreading the news. However you should make sure that you tell your family first that you are pregnant and that they won’t hear it from other people.

Morning sickness

This is a symptom that affects the majority of pregnant women, but again, things are a bit different in case of the women pregnant with triplets. In the majority of the cases the symptom subsides by the second trimester, but in this case women have to suffer from it during their entire pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins

If you happen to be pregnant with triplets you should know that it isn’t such a good idea to switch vitamins in the middle of your pregnancy. Some women find that the symptoms get better if they switch back to their old vitamins. It is possible that washing your teeth in the morning will make you sick. You should wait until later to wash them.

Round ligament pain

This kind of pain feels something like the menstrual cramps. In order to make your experience of triplets’ pregnancy better, you may try taking Magnesium sulfate. This will stop the spasms of the ligament and it will also make the leg cramps better.

Big belly

The women who are pregnant with triplets should expect to have a really big belly and this puts a lot of pressure on the back. In order to make it better you could be using a pregnancy pillow or a prenatal cradle. The cradle consists of straps that you have to put around your belly that go over your shoulder and under your back.

The pregnancy pillow that you should choose in case you are having triplets should actually consist of two pillows that are connected by Velcro. This way you will be able to separate them as the belly grows bigger and you will be able to use them separately to offer you even more support.

Shortness of breath

Although this is a natural symptom during pregnancy, in case of women who are pregnant with triplets the symptom appears earlier, around the 4th or 5th month. This will make walking and climbing the stairs more difficult. After you give birth you will actually feel your lungs expanding.


Normally women experience some swelling of the feet, but the symptom is more serious in case of the women who will have triplets. At a point you might feel like you have elephant feet.

You have to prepare for a lot of things if you are pregnant with triplets.


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