Top Signs of Being Pregnant with Twins

If you are thinking about the signs of being pregnant with twins you should know that there are two possibilities for you to have twins.

Firstly, it is possible that your ovaries release two eggs that get fertilized by two different sperms. The other option is to have a fertility treatment.

Signs of Being Pregnant with Twins

Excessive cramping as one of the twins pregnancy signs

If you had another pregnancy before and you know what it feels like, you might notice that in case of twins there is more cramping. This is just natural because the uterus has to make room for two babies. In the same time it is also common to experience round ligament pain.

Higher heart rate

Another one of the symptoms of being pregnant with twins is to have elevated heart rate. It is common for women to often feel like they were exercising even when they didn’t do anything of the sort. Some women say that this is the biggest clue for them that they will have more than one baby.

Morning sickness

Although this one of the signs of being pregnant with twins is common in case of singleton pregnancies as well, if you have twins, it will be more than just occasional nausea. Nonetheless you should also remember that some women experience severe morning sickness even in case of a singleton pregnancy.

HCG levels

When it comes to the twins’ pregnancy symptoms for sure you know that during the appointments with your doctor you will have blood drawn. If the results show elevated hCG levels over a longer period of time it might mean that you can expect to have more than one baby.

Advanced symptoms

It is interesting to know about the signs of being pregnant with twins that the women pregnant with twins often experience pregnancy symptoms that usually appear only later during pregnancy. These symptoms include weight gain and round ligament pain.


Even though it isn’t one of the symptoms of having a twin pregnancy, you should never ignore your intuition. It is possible that you just have the feeling that you will have twins and you can’t explain why. In this case you should listen to what your intuition tells you and prepare for double joy.

In the majority of the cases it is easy to read the signs of being pregnant with twins, but in other cases they might be hidden and you will need the help of your doctor to decipher them.


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