Twin Birth Myths: Is There Truth in Them?

There are too many myths around twin births. But are these myths true? It is difficult to tell what exactly causes twins. It is believed that some races are more likely to have twins than the other. But this has not been proved beyond doubt.

The problem is that there is hardly any general awareness among people regarding twin birth. This has mystified the process and led to the birth of several myths around them. But how would you know the truth about them? Let us look into some of these myths and then try to find how true these are.

twin birth mythsPopular Myths about Twin Birth:

Here are some of the most common myths regarding twin births and a simultaneous attempt to debunk them:

Fertility Treatment Leads to Twin Birth

That expensive fertility treatments result in twin births, and therefore this is not common for the middle or lower class people: it is true that twinning results from fertility treatments at times. But this is not true that middle class and poor women will not have twin babies. Studies show that the rate of twin births is quite high in the poverty stricken regions of Africa, for example.

Comes in Alternate Generations

Another myth about twin birth is that this always skips a generation: often, twinning runs in the family. This is so because the two egg twinning runs in women from generation to generation. Therefore skipping a generation is nothing more than a baseless myth.

Twins have Opposite Nature

There is one bad kid and one good kid in every pair of twins; this is of course a stereotype, the relation between twins depend on personal dynamics.

Seasons have a Role to Play in Twin Birth

It’s heard that in warmer countries there are chances of more twins; this does not have any scientific explanation and twins take birth only due to the division of embryo and seasons have nothing to do with it.

Twins Share a Supernatural Bond

More commonly it is heard that twins have common ESP or a deep innate bond – that is true to some extent but if people are telling you that twins can read each other’s thoughts and can anticipate mood and feelings even if they live far away, then it’s completely FALSE. They do share the mother’s womb but that does not prove that they have such supernatural attachment.

The Learning Capability of Twins is Same

Most parents of twins erroneously believe and want their twin kids to learn and grow at the same rate; while the truth is that the IQ level of the two kids are different and they will learn as per their individual abilities. In fact, twins should not be forced to follow each other forcibly, let them move ahead at their own paces as any kind of competition between the two will harm the self-esteem of the child.

So, it can be said that there are just too many myths around twinning, but there are hardly any truth in most of these myths.


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