All About Twin Pregnancy Development Week by Week

In case you are interested in the twin pregnancy development week by week you should know that this is relatively rare.

It is possible that two eggs were released by your ovaries and they were fertilized by two different sperms or that you underwent a fertility treatment and several eggs were transferred to your uterus.

Twin Pregnancy Development Week by Week

Weeks 1 to 7 and the week by week twin pregnancy development

During this period the babies weigh less than one ounce. The bladders, brains, livers, kidneys, reproductive organs, spines, legs and arms already start to develop. By the 6th week the babies can usually be seen on an ultrasound.

Weeks 8 to 14

This stage of the weekly twin pregnancy development represents the last period of the embryonic stage. It is interesting to know that during this time the nail beds already develop along with the buds of the baby teeth. The little ones already have toes, eyelids and genital organs.

Weeks 15 to 21

During this time according to the twin pregnancy development week by week the livers of the babies already work along with their stomachs and their bladders. At this stage the babies swallow the amniotic fluid and they urinate in it. This is the time when the babies start looking like humans.

Weeks 22 to 28

When thinking about the weekly development of the twin pregnancy you should know that at this stage the babies are covered by lanugo. They have more and more fat and their fingerprints and footprints are developing. Once the babies reach the 28th week threshold their chances of survival increase dramatically.

Weeks 29 to 35

We know about the twin pregnancy development week by week that the skin of the babies isn’t that wrinkled anymore because it was filled by fat. The skeletal structure of the babies is complete, but the bones are still quite soft. During this time the babies can move around a lot.

Weeks 36 to 42

The babies are considered to be at term according to the week by week development of the twin pregnancy. The lanugo that covered the bodies of the babies is almost entirely gone by this time. The little ones have very little space inside your belly and the doctor needs to monitor them very closely.

Now you know a little something about the twin pregnancy development week by week. It is wonderful to think that there is life created in your womb and learn about how that life grows into beautiful twin babies.


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