Twins Pregnancy – Twice the Trouble, Twice the Fun

One of the scariest things to think about is having a twins pregnancy. Although it may seem almost impossible for two babies to fit into your belly, there is a lot of proof that you really have two babies. At this point there are a lot of questions that the future parents could be asking.

How is the pregnancy with twins created?

There are different ways for women to have multiples. One of them is for the ovary to release more than one mature egg. If both of the eggs are fertilized, you will have fraternal twins. This situation could appear while using fertility drugs or not.

Twins Pregnancy It is also possible to be pregnant with twins if you go through IVF. In this case the doctors usually place three fertilized embryos into the uterus. In the majority of the cases not all the embryos get implanted, but sometimes they do and so women could have multiples.

Once the embryos get implanted, you could have a pregnancy with twins in several different ways. It is possible for the amniotic sacs to have different forms as well as the placentas and the implantation could also occur in different places.

How is the twins pregnancy discovered?

The majority of the future parents find out that they will have twins during an ultrasound. Some of the people say that before the 12th week of pregnancy it isn’t sure that parents will have twins. One of the embryos could stop growing and it could be absorbed by the body of the mother.

Some of the women who will have twins see that their belly is growing faster than it should and then they suspect that they could have twins. However you should know that during your second pregnancy your belly for sure will grow faster than during the first pregnancy.

High levels on the AFP test could also indicate a twins pregnancy. This is because several babies could increase the hormone levels even more. In the same time it is also possible to detect multiples with serial hCG levels during the early stages of pregnancy.

It is known regarding the pregnancies with multiples that in this case the hCG levels rise faster than if there is only a singleton. It is interesting to know that in about 3% of all cases women don’t know that they will have twins until childbirth.

Multiple pregnancy

If you will have more babies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a high risk pregnancy. The best thing you could do is to find a doctor who has experience with twins and who won’t panic at the sight of the symptoms. Generally speaking you will need a higher protein intake because protein is the building block of the baby’s development.

As you can see pregnancy with twins isn’t that much more different from having a singleton. However you can expect to have a bigger belly at the end of your pregnancy and you will have to take better care of yourself.


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