5 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an affirming and joyous experience for any woman. It is a time to prepare for parenthood and your life ahead. It is also a time for great care and precaution. Your body is going through major changes and it can be hard for it to adjust.

Don’t let this alarm you. Most of the time, it won’t be serious. Just err on the side of caution., If you ever feel concerned, alert your team and get checked out. There are a few problems that persist in most pregnancies, so keep an eye out and always be safe.

health problems during pregnancyUrinary Problems

Throughout your pregnancy, you may find a greater need to urinate. This is generally caused by the baby’s head pressing down on your bladder. While this isn’t a cause for great concern, one should always make sure you don’t experience any pain.

If you do have pain while urinating, or find any blood in your sample, you could have an infection. In which case, you will need immediate treatment. Remember to find a health care professional you are comfortable with. A Medical lawyer could also help you if there is any discrepancy or negligence in your treatment.


Constipation can occur at the beginning of your pregnancy as the body adjusts to hormonal changes. This can affect the frequency of your passing stool, or create strain when you try to empty your bowels. Eating a diet high in fiber with plenty of fruit and vegetables can help you avoid this. As can regular exercise, a pregnancy workout programs and constant hydration.

Pregnancy Cramps

An attack of pain can come suddenly, with many women experiencing it around their feet and ankles. Causes of cramps are varied, but gentle exercising of the muscles, with focus on the movement of your ankles and legs can promote circulation and avoid pain. If pain does continue and you’re thinking of medicating, always speak to your doctor first.


While this may be embarrassing, it is important to note that incontinence affects a great deal of women, both during and after pregnancy. The muscles of your pelvic floor are under new strain and relax in preparation for the baby to move through, so sometimes leakage can occur. Of course, some women find themselves with more severe cases, wetting themselves often. If this occurs, speak to your GP and pursue treatment. For more slight cases, there are pelvic floor exercises that can combat the problem.

Varicose Veins

During your pregnancy, you will obviously be carrying a larger load. This new pressure can take its toll on your feet and cause your veins to become swollen. It can also occur around your vulva, but fear not, it will get better after the birth. Make sure to rest your feet whenever possible, and put your feet up. Relaxation as medical necessity, what could be better?


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