Top 10 Must know Breast Feeding Tips

Feeding your baby for the first time might be confusing, challenging and you may experience the new felling of becoming mom. For new mom’s, breastfeeding might be challenging but slowly practicing you can become perfect. By understanding few tips of breast feeding you can nurse your newborns successfully.

Top 10 Must know Breast Feeding Tips

  1. Breast feeding for the first time

Start breast feeding your new born within one hour of the delivery, mainly after the vaginal birth. It mainly helps your uterus to contract, along with this the first milk is very important for the child, contains colostrums. Colostrum is considered as the healthiest part of the milk.

  1. It may hurt you but never give up

Breastfeeding can hurt you at the beginning. Sometimes you can see cracked nipples, raw your boobs can becomes sore and little painful. To avoid pain or discomfort, massage nipples and breast with some suggested ointments by your doctor to smooth the nipples during breast feeding.

  1. Practice makes perfect

A perfect breastfeeding will require time and lot of practice for you and as well as your baby.  Remember just like any other thing, breast feeding required lots of patience. Never ever give up, adapt simple techniques, for few weeks keep noticing your baby and keep practicing and within few days you can improve.

  1. Get home few nursing bras

Buy few comfortable nursing bras, these will provide your heavy breasts a good support and it will be comfortable for you and your newborn in breastfeeding. If you are out at public places, you can also feed your newborn.

  1. Do not put a time limit

Looking constantly at the clock while breast feeding your baby can cause lot of stress thinking that your baby is feeding normal, less or more. If you are stressed while breast feeding, it can put a negative impact on the milk flow and it will be difficult to breast feed a child.  So, give enough time for your child, let the child take milk as long as possible.

  1. Ask for help

If you are finding any difficulty in breast feeding, take help of an experienced and qualified person who can make the process of feeding easy and enjoyable.

  1. Be Comfortable

A successful breast feeding can only happen when you and your baby are in a comfortable position. Breast feeding comfort level depends on person to person, find a perfect breast feeding positions.  If you are comfortable in a sitting position, place a pillow behind your back and feed the child.  If you comfortable are in a lying down position, place few pillows around you for support.

  1. Let Your Baby Tell the Time

Your baby is the best person who can let you know how long to feed the baby on one breast. In the initial days you may notice that your baby feeds after a gap of every 2-3 hours for the total duration of the 24 hours through the day and night. When your baby is hungry he/she will start to pucker up the lips, start stirring in a nap. They also start puckering their nose and make a suckling motion with lips. If they are hungry they start looking restlessly by moving their head side to side. If you see these signs, start feeding your baby right away.

  1. Don’t forget to eat

Lactating women need more calories than the normal and pregnant women as well. So, consume enough calories include various fruits, vegetables, good sources of protein, calcium rich foods and have lots of liquids.

  1. Hydrate

Many women get tired, dehydrated and lazy in the early stages of breast feeding. So, drink plenty of water. You can also include natural beverages like coconut water, buttermilk, sugar cane juice, etc.

Breastfeeding is one of the wonderful gifts that you can give to your baby. But remember it requires practice, patience and time. So, keep trying and enjoy nursing your baby.


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