Aspirin During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about taking aspirin during pregnancy, you should know that the latest researches show that taking this medication could prevent the mother and the baby from being affected by a serious complication.

According to these researches, taking aspiring decreases the chances of being affected by preeclampsia. This is a condition that could lead to high blood pressure, strokes or even death. About 5% of the women who are at their first pregnancy develop the condition.

In the same time about 20 women die on a yearly basis because of blood pressure related problems.

For baby’s sake

As a result, taking aspirin while being pregnant could save the life of 600 babies per year. According to official information, the women who have problems with high blood pressure or who have high or moderate risks of being affected by preeclampsia should take low doses of aspirin, of 75 mg.

It is thought to be best to take a painkiller once a day starting with the 12th week of pregnancy. At the moment it isn’t a routine to prescribe aspirin for pregnant women, but the researchers hope that it will become a standard practice with time. These days they can only advice women to take aspirin.

Whys should you consider taking it?

However, when it comes to pregnant women taking aspirin the doctors say that women shouldn’t self-medicate. This is because they could have stomach problems or they could be affected by asthma. The scientists don’t really know what causes preeclampsia but it is believed to be linked to the chemicals that are produced by the placenta.

These could disrupt the blood flow of the blood vessels and as a result the number of blood platelets increases. These are the anti-clotting agents of the blood that are naturally produced. The women receiving antiplatelet agents have lower risks of developing preeclampsia.



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