Early Pregnancy Problems Pointer To Ongoing Troubles

A new study reports that mothers who experience complications during the beginning of their pregnancy should be watched closer throughout the duration of their pregnancy and in future pregnancies.

Data compiled from over 75 studies showed additionally that those with a history of miscarriages were at a higher risk of premature births in the future.

The study was presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting that studied complications that occur commonly during the first trimester of pregnancy.early pregnancy

One of the risks was an increased risk of preeclampsia in those who had vaginal bleeding during the early weeks of pregnancy. Early vaginal bleeding also doubles the risk of a low birth weight.

If there is presence of blood in the womb, known as intrauterine hematoma, the risks of both low birth weight and preeclampsia increase even more.

Another symptom of low birth weight and premature delivery is early morning sickness that occurs in extremity.

Additionally, miscarriages in the past double the risk of premature birth and a past birth that was terminated regardless of the reason additionally places a baby at risk for premature birth.

If results like this are present, the study shows most women would benefit from close monitoring.


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