Having Pregnancy Loss? Tips To Cope With The Condition Easily!

Pregnancy loss is nothing but loss of a baby during pregnancy.

Loss of pregnancy at any stage can have a huge impact on your physical and emotional conditions.

It is frustrating and heart pulling experience for every woman.

With pregnancy loss, there can be a feeling of sadness, shock, hopelessness, and guiltiness among woman who lost her pregnancy.

From a recent research, it is found that one out of every five pregnancies lead to pregnancy loss.

It is found that pregnancy loss occurs in 75% of all pregnancies. Loss of pregnancy can occur in several ways: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy,  stillbirth, etc.

Miscarriage refers to a condition where the fetus expels out of the womb. This kind of pregnancy loss is known as spontaneous abortion. It is found that one-third of all pregnancies leads to miscarriage.Pregnancy Loss

The pregnancy loss that occurs before twenty weeks of gestation is miscarriage and after twenty weeks of gestation is stillbirth.

Ectopic pregnancy also results in loss of pregnancy. It is a condition that occurs when fertilized egg develops outside the uterus. This kind of pregnancy loss is also known as tubal pregnancy.

On the other hand, molar pregnancy also results in loss of pregnancy. It is a mass of an abnormal tissue that forms inside the uterus. This pregnancy loss occurs rarely in one out of every thousand pregnancies. Overcoming the grief of pregnancy loss is very hard and takes more time and energy.

However, here are some simple tips to cope from pregnancy loss.

First of all, you need to realize that pregnancy loss is not your fault. Be free and honest while talking about loss of pregnancy with your partner. Always accept your feelings as they are and never judge yourself about the way you respond to loss of pregnancy.

You need to take care of yourself by having sufficient rest and eating healthy foods. It is always good to stay away from your regular exercise or physical activity even though you are physically fine.

Taking a gap from your regular activities will be beneficial. So, take a little more time to come out of your grief completely.

Never hide yourself from others. Remember that sharing your feeling with others can reduce your grief and help you heal quickly. It also helps reduce your loneliness in this critical situation.

Noting your feelings honestly regarding your loss of pregnancy is a good practice to cope with your condition. It also helps to recover from pregnancy loss.

You can consult your doctor about pregnancy loss support groups. For this, it takes a short time to locate the suitable support group for you. So, never feel depressed when you don’t find the right group.

It is also essential for you to look for a professional counselor to help tackle with the emotional conditions of pregnancy loss that you are experiencing presently.


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